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College acts steal the show at Diana Street

MTSU’s Match Records artists shine through in recent performance.


MURFREESBORO, TN - [March 24, 2024]- Match Records’ artists Hunter Lander and Carter Elliott performed a strong show at Diana Street on Saturday March 23, 2024. The event also showcased other regional artists such as Anna Shinholster and Between Posters.

Our artist Hunter Lander was the second act to entertain the growing crowd with a mellow set of his acoustic songs creating an atmosphere that moved the crowds. The first act, Anna, and third act, Between Posters did a terrific job as performers following in a similar mood as Hunter, but with their own unique flair. Our promising Carter Elliot was the headliner of the show. When asked about the mood of his performance, Carter says: “I was trying to go for a more electrifying set…”. Carter and his band played lively renditions of his catalog such as Little Phoenix, Ready to Live and High Water, the latter song Carter states was a highlight of the night. Carter and his band transformed the stage into a comfortable place where everyone can relate in one way or another.


Match Records is a multi-genre, student-run record label services company that provides hands-on, real-world experience to students in the Recording Industry Department of MTSU’s College of Media and Entertainment. The Match Records team assists student-artists with marketing, branding, publicizing, promoting, and distributing their recorded music through various local and national outlets. The skills learned and the experiences gained are essential training for students interested in a career in the recording industry – on either side of the mic. For more information about Match Records, visit Match Record’s Website For details on MTSU’s Department of Recording Industry, visit their website. 

For Media Inquiries:

[Nick Crews & J. Bradley] [Social Media Team] Match Records [Instagram: @matchrecords]

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