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Artist Chaze Crawford Unveils Highly Anticipated Pop Album 'Hq' - A Real Sonic Journey"

Match Records artist Chaz Crawford delivers a stunning high-quality project.


MURFREESBORO, TN - [March 25, 2024]- On Friday March 22, 2024, Match Artist Chaz Crawford released his first album “Hq” blending pop music with hints of rock to make his first project stand out among the masses.

Chaz Crawford, A senior artist with Match Records, decided to put his abilities to the test with his first project. Chaz’s singing ability has grown across his career to create a heartfelt and meaningful project to not only himself but his fans. Chaz has taken his imagery to another level with an album cover that evokes all the right emotions in connection ions in connection to the album. The melodic air mixed with guitars strumming across the project creates an idea of home and safety as he explores his relationships, experience and the growing apart.

Feel Free to Check out Chaz Crawford’s Album here:

Follow Chaz on Instagram @chaz_crawford_


Match Records is a multi-genre, student-run record label services company that provides hands-on, real-world experience to students in the Recording Industry Department of MTSU’s College of Media and Entertainment. The Match Records team assists student-artists with marketing, branding, publicizing, promoting, and distributing their recorded music through various local and national outlets. The skills learned and the experiences gained are essential training for students interested in a career in the recording industry – on either side of the mic.

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