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Sara Kays


Sara Elizabeth Kays is a 20-year-old female singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. Born out of the Midwest, Sara moved to the Music City area to attend college to study Music Business and pursue her path in music. 

Sara comes from a non-musical family, but that only fueled her passion for music from the young age of 12. This is when she discovered her love for singing, and her love for songwriting soon after. She began writing songs in her teen years, telling stories about her childhood, her struggles with body image, and more. When asked about her writing process, Kays said, “When I started writing, I felt like what I was writing was for me. I don’t know, the songwriting is my favorite part of the process. I couldn’t give my songs to other people, it wouldn’t feel right. So, I get to perform them and I enjoy that aspect of it too.” Since then, she has been writing and releasing her own songs on a regular basis and has accrued quite a following in the process: over 19K monthly listeners on Spotify, 34.4K followers on Instagram, while continuing to grow every day! 

Her debut EP, A House Too Big, was released in September of 2018 and consisted of five original songs. The EP propelled her first big hit, “Rich Boy” which now has over 163K spins on Spotify. Since then, she has released two singles, “Under Covers” and “Down Low”, the latter of which has already accumulated over 83K spins. Sara is writing new music all the time, and plans to release another EP in the near future. 

Touring has always been appealing to Sara, and she hopes that the opportunity to do so will arise with the release of her new EP. In the meantime, she is performing in and around the Nashville area frequently by playing live shows and/or busking with her guitar or ukulele. 

There are big things coming from Sara Kays. Her new single “Is There Anything Else?” releases December 6th of this year and that’s only the start of what is to come! In her words, “The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is that you’re going to be okay, no matter what. I know that I’ll always end up okay.” It’s not far-fetched to say that Sara Kays will be way more than okay in her career - she will continue to be exceptional!

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