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Quickdraw Kid

Quickdraw Kid is a local indie rock band consisting of Taylor Currie, Baxter Dillard, Conner Schmitz, and Dylan Yates. All members of QK are majoring in audio production at Middle Tennessee State University. Quickdraw Kid came to be in a freshman dorm room and has since expanded with each member bringing their own sound and genre to the group. While rock has a large influence on this band with careful inspection you can hear pieces of hardcore and folk shaping their sound with unexpected breakdowns and wailing vocals. Baxter, Dylan, and Conner have been playing together since 2018. Taylor later joined the band in March of 2020, right before the shutdown caused by Covid-19. Since returning to school they have used all of their collective studio time to record, write, produce and engineer their upcoming album. 

Freshmeat, Quickdraw’s debut single, was written by Baxter Dillard and Conner Schmitz. This song talks about struggling as an incoming freshman and feeling like college isn’t quite what you thought it would be. It focuses on having no idea what you are doing & feeling like your classes are a scam, which is rather fitting in the middle of a pandemic.

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