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Cabin Color

An electrifying fusion of five killer musicians from all over the country comes the musical act: Cabin Color. A mix of indie, rock, and pop based in Murfreesboro, TN. Cabin Color bring a high energy stage presence to match its production of catchy and pop/rock infused music. With Michael Sevell (Big Mikey S) as lead guitarist, Destiny Smith (Diggy D) as bassist, and Matty Fehrenbacher (Matty Boy) on drums, Evan Price (Kurly Kevin) on vocals, and Cody Quillen (Codeman) on keys and rhythm guitar. This band of musicians has come together put on the show of a lifetime.

Their first album Mercury Manor was written, recorded, produced, and conceptualized by Cody Q and Evan Price themselves in September of 2018 at Mercury House Studios before creating a band was even thought of. Seven songs each about struggles Evan and Cody were dealing with at the time. Their newest project is their second studio album Goodbye from This Side of the Universe. The first two singles "Something About It" and "After" were the first two to be released off this new record.


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