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Q: As an Artist, what can Match Records do for you?

A: Promote you as an artist on campus and through socials, provide performance opportunities, assist with artist growth, fostering connections, creative brainstorming assistance, and so much more

Q: What genres do you mostly sign?

A: We sign all genres!

Q: How do I become a part of Match Records?

A: Fill out the google form here.

Q: Do I have to be in the College of Media and Entertainment to apply to be an artist?

A: No! We sign artists from any college or major!

Q: Can you still apply if you haven't released music yet?

A: We require at least a demo of some sort to evaluate the potential for artist growth. Without a demo, we have a hard time evaluating how we can be of assistance to that particular artist or if they are a good fit for our label.

Q: Why don't you recruit engineers?

A: We will look into the potential to recruit engineers in the future! We are always open to suggestions!

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