Brittney Spencer

Match Records


 Genre: Country/Alternative/Pop

     By blending influences that range from country and gospel to R&B and soft rock, Brittney Spencer delivers soaring vocals over her down-to-earth guitar style. Her music is bound to leave you wanting more. 

     Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Spencer began to show her musical talent from a young age. At the age of 3, she joined her local church choir and remained a member throughout her adolescence. Her love of music extended to country when she was exposed to the Dixie Chicks by a fellow church member. Her new-found influences lead her to pick up the guitar, and she began writing original songs. 

     At the age of 18, she began her musical career by touring the country as a backup vocalist for several local and mainstream R&B and gospel acts. Spencer left her hometown of Baltimore three years later. Her dreams of becoming a country star lead to her pilgrimage to Nashville, the home of the genre. Shortly after her move, she began performing her music around Music City with dreams of making it big. 

     In order to get a better understanding of how the music industry operates, Spencer enrolled in Middle Tennessee State University’s Recording Industry of Music program. Currently a senior, she will soon hold a degree in Music Business.





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